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Made in the USA

Why Made in the USA Matters

As we head into the holiday season, it is a perfect time to start thinking about family, friends, gifts, and manufacturing. Manufacturing? Although manufacturing never shows up on anyone’s gift list, it will if you choose to spend some money on products that are made here in America. Buying American goes beyond just feeling patriotic.…

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America’s Manufacturing Comeback

The reshoring initiative and return of business to American soil marks a positive turn for the country’s manufacturing sector. For a number of reasons, manufacturers are returning their production to the U.S.—from Apple to Boeing to countless smaller manufacturers, business is now consistently coming back home. One of the many reasons for this turn of…

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Understanding Source-Capture Fume Extraction

High quality fume extraction is extremely important for workplace health and safety.  Many who use—or are considering using—fume extraction systems have come across the term source-capture fume extraction.  But what exactly is it, and how does it work? Source-capture fume extraction involves fume extractors that capture fumes and particulates at the source—as the name implies. …

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Why STEM Education Matters

Did you know that it is estimated that over 600,000 manufacturing jobs are currently unfilled in the U.S. due to companies being unable to find workers with the right skills sets and experience? Manufacturing in this country is in the midst of a major recovery, and is a crucial part of our economy—and yet, small…

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Why Choose Fumex?

Known throughout the world for delivering the highest quality air filtration systems, Fumex Inc. develops solutions that provide healthier, cleaner working environments.  Our applications are numerous, as is the wide range of customers we serve. We’ve always been known for our commitment to our customers, and listening to their needs, and now, with this blog,…

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