Fume Extraction Solutions
For Every Industrial Application

Provide a safer and cleaner environment for your employees. Let us help you select a system for your facility’s needs.

Self-contained Fume Extractors
for easy use and installation.

Latest Fume Extraction technology
allowing you flexible configurations

Our Air Cleaning products are fitted
with filters specific to your application

The Right Fume Extraction Solution For Every Application

Provide a safer and cleaner environment for your employees.
Let us help you select a system for your facility's needs.


Date Codes to UID Markings

We have the answer.

Laser Marking Applications

Laser Engraving

Architectural Signs, Awards.

Engravers in Schools & Libraries.

Laser Engraving & Marking

Laser Printer & 3D Printer Fume Extraction

Industrial inkjet: coding & marking.

MEK & solvent based inks.

Laser Printing Applications

Laser Cutting

Metals. Plastics. Labels.
We've handled it all.

Laser Cutting Applications

3D Printing

Amazing technology but dangerous fumes. We can make it safe.

3D Printing Applications


Remove toxic welding fumes from the work area. We've seen it all, and we have your solution.

Welding Applications


Effectively remove fumes generated in electronics manufacturing.

Electronics Manufacturing

Dust Particles

Remove dust from all types of grinding, sanding and polishing processes. 

Dust Control Applications

Chemical & Plastics

Adhesives to solvents to aerosols to Corona treatments, there is not much we haven't seen.

Chemical, Solvents & Plastics

Odors and Gases

Remove fumes from adhesives to solvents to aerosols to Corona treatments and more.

Odor and Gas Removal

Dental Labs

Dental labs have unique dust & odor problems. We have solutions.

Dental Lab Solutions

Indoor Air Purification

Control industrial gasses and odors in an indoor environment. Clean rooms to print rooms and more.

Indoor Air Purification

Fumex Replacement Filters

Shop our selection of replacement filters and parts for your indoor air purifiers or fume extractors. Fumex now offers fast, frictionless transactions on all replacement air filters and accessories.

Clean up the air in your workplace. Get your replacement Fumex air filters today!

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