Laser Fume Extractors for Laser Markers

Fumex manufactures a complete line of laser fume extractors specifically designed for laser markers. Laser marking creates unhealthy fumes, smoke & pollutants.

Our fume extraction systems are designed to keep operators, and the workplace environment safe from laser generated airborne contaminants. Fumex laser marking fume extraction systems remove 99.97% of these dangerous gases. From simple date/lot codes on packaging lines to UID markings on automobile and medical products They are permanent or portable, cost efficient, easy to integrate and reliable, with a 2 year warranty.

Multi stage filtration, powerful blowers and intelligent controls are easy to operate. Our systems can be installed across all ranges of manufacturing processes ensuring a high-quality laser mark, protection for laser systems and limited downtime, all with low operating costs. Fumex laser fume extractors are designed to work with all laser marker manufacturers and easily integrate into any environment. Our American Made air filtration systems consist of inexpensive pre-filters, HEPA filters and gas/odor filters that remove harmful laser marker fumes and return purified air to the workplace. We design specialty systems for PVC marking and multiple laser systems.

Many clients are unaware of the solution they need. Just call us. We are happy to have a conversation discussing your specific situation. We are the experts, we are easy to talk to, and we have your solution.

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