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For over 30 years Fumex has been a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of commercial and industrial fume extraction systems and industrial indoor air filtration systems. Our fume extractors are self-contained for easy use and installation. Our laser fume extractors and other air filtration systems target any process that produces gas, odor or dust. 

We incorporate the latest technology allowing you flexible configurations depending on the type of particulate, airflow required, and environmental, ergonomic and integration considerations. 

Modern manufacturing processes often require the use of materials that disseminate noxious or toxic gas fumes, vapors and odors into the workplace. Our focus is to provide equipment that captures these pollutants at the source, ensuring workplace health and preventing their release into the outside air. Our products are fitted with filters specific to your application, and our accessories (hose, arms, hoods, etc.) make different applications and installations a breeze. 

Fumex industrial air filters, fume extractors and dust collectors have proven their value in many situations. 

Experts in the Removal of

Printing Fumes 

Welding Fumes 

Laser Fumes

Soldering Fumes  

Dental Lab Dust

Specialized Equipment for

Laser Applications  

Industrial Odor Removal

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing