Fume Extraction for Plastic Applications

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Fumex manufactures a complete line of source capture air filtration systems, specifically designed for plastic manufacturing and related processes. Many plastic manufacturing processes, such as injection molding mold change-over, generate VOCs and other harmful chemicals that should be eliminated to protect your your equipment and more importantly, your employees. Fumex Air Filtration Systems remove 99.99% of these dangerous, toxic fumes in order to keep your employees and your workplace safe.

Applications where Fumex Air Filtration Systems can help Include:

  • Injection Molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Plastic Extrusion
  • and More

Our Air Filtration Systems are designed for versatility and efficiency, suitable for both stationary and portable applications. All Fumex units come with a reliable 2-year warranty, ensuring cost-effective integration into any manufacturing setting.

Fumex source-capture filtration systems are specially designed to remove hazardous plastic fumes and chemical vapors by incorporating a combination of pre-filters, HEPA filters and gas/odor filters. These components work together to efficiently capture noxious fumes and return clean air to your workspace. Equipped with variable speed blowers and advanced filter monitoring, our systems adapt seamlessly to a variety of industrial applications. VOC sensors provide timely notifications for filter replacements, maintaining safe and optimal operating conditions.

Eliminate costly operator level on-site maintenance and embrace a safer, cleaner environment to keep your employees safe and your business OSHA compliant.

Product Features
Experts in the Removal of...

♦ VOCs
♦ Chemical Fumes
♦ Gas and Odors
♦ Dust

Product Features
Specialized Equipment for...

♦ Injection Molding
♦ Thermoforming
♦ Plastic Extrusion
♦ and More

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