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Answers to common questions about air filtration systems, fume extractors, air filter parts, and accessories.

Fumex units have a standard 2 year warranty on all non-consumable components.

Spec sheets and manuals are located on the website under Technical Resources.

The model and serial number is located on the back of the unit. (near the power source)

All Fumex filters are labeled with part#’s and listed on the website. Refer to the filter change videos for additional information.

Fumex filters are normally disposed of as regular industrial waste. Some materials could require special handling. Best practice is to rely on local /state guidelines.

All Fumex products are shipped from our manufacturing facility in Kennesaw, GA.

Please contact Fumex @ info@fumexinc.com.

Technical support is available through our 800-432-7550 toll free number or submit a request on our website.

Please contact Fumex customer service – 800-432-7550.

Fumex products are manufactured in our facility in Kennesaw, GA USA.

Please contact Fumex customer service 800-432-7550 or info@fumexinc.com

This part has been discontinued. The replacement is part# FA140B-2.

Please contact customer service – 800-432-7550 or info@fumexinc.com . The model # and serial # are required.

A quote can be requested though our website.

Filter changes depend on the application. Fumex systems monitor the filters and will indicate when filters should be changed. Please refer to the operations manual for additional information.