Fumex Model DT Fume Extraction, Air Filtration System

The Fumex-DT desktop fume extractor is a quiet, low cost, highly efficient fume extraction and air filtration system designed to capture and filter the fumes generated in a variety of processes.  Simple to use and operate, this workshop smoke, fume & dust collector incorporates intelligent controls, filter monitoring, variable speed airflow with an easy-to-use interface and uncomplicated connectivity. Our small but powerful fume extractor can be fitted with a standard 3 stage filter incorporating HEPA and Gas/Odor filtration or specialty application for specific medias. The compact size and simplicity of design are ideal for the applications listed below.

> Cabinet: 16 ga. welded steel, powder coat finish
> Baffled – sound attenuated
> Sound Level: 55 dbA
> Weight: 25 lbs.

Blower Motor:
> Performance: 105 cfm
> Variable speed blower
> Centrifugal - direct-drive, brushless motor
> Rated 20,000 hour + mtbf

> 100-130/1/50-60 (120-volt plug)
> Digital display with variable speed blower
> Pre-wired 3 wire power cable, 9 ft. with plug
> Digital Controls
‏     • Electronic variable speed blower control
• High visibility LED filter indicator
> Calibrated electronic VOC gas sensor
> Electronic digital interface relay for two-way communication, filter monitoring and remote start/stop control
> Amp Draw: 2.0 (120v)

Image of Fumex Model DT Applications

Fumex Model DT Replacement Filters

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