Product Features

Latest technology allowing you flexible configurations

Fumex industrial fume extractors and air filtration systems are designed to remove a wide range of pollutants in an extremely cost-efficient manner. Fumex units are unique, because the size is based upon how the unit was configured when purchased.

  • Targets gas, odor, or dust
  • Flexible configurations based on air flow required and type of particulate
  • Technology addresses environmental and ergonomic considerations
  • Returns clean air to the environment
  • Variable speed blowers and filter monitoring

Explore our selection of replacement filters and other parts. Options include standard filters, mini standard filters, SS and P standard filters, PVQ standard filters, special filters, and specialty filters. You can also purchase complete sets.

For questions or more information about indoor air purifier and fume extractor replacement filters and parts, Contact Us or Request a Quote.

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Product Features
Experts in the Removal of...

♦ Printing Fumes
♦ Welding Fumes
♦ Laser Fumes
♦ Soldering Fumes
♦ Dental Lab Dust

Product Features
Specialized Equipment for...

♦ Laser Applications
♦ Industrial Odor Removal
♦ Food & Beverage Manufacturing
♦ Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
♦ Electronics Manufacturing

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