Fumex Model GS3-500 Air Filtration System Series

The Fumex Model GS3-500 Fumes Extractor manufactured by Fumex, utilizes a powerful high-performance blower, operator friendly digital controls, an integrated electronic gas sensor continuously monitor the system performance and display operating parameters on the high-visibility LED screen. and a large capacity filter, to effectively capture and eliminate plastic fumes, chemical fumes, odors, and gaseous contaminants. System can be fitted with a large variety of broad spectrum or chemical specific filters. Applications include inkjet fume removal, gluing stations, solvent fume removal, chemical baths, and laboratory use. Powerful, quiet fume extraction ideal for medium to heavy duty fume extraction applications.

Image of Fumex G-Series Air Filtration System

> Cabinet: 304 grade Brushed
stainless steel to IP56 compliance
> Baffled – sound attenuated
> Sound Level: 59 dbA
> Weight: 134 lbs. / 46 kg.

Blower Motor:
> Performance: 450 cfm @ 39” wc
> Variable speed blower
> Centrifugal - direct-drive, brushless motor
> Rated 20,000 hour + mtbf

> 90/250/1/50-60 (120v or 240v plug).
> Digital display with variable speed blower.
> Pre-wired 3 wire power cable, 9 ft. with plug.
> Digital Controls
‏     • Electronic variable speed blower control.
‏     • High visibility LED filter indicator
> Calibrated electronic VOC gas sensor.
> Electronic digital interface relay for two-way
communication, filter monitoring and
remote start/stop control.
> Amp Draw: 16.0 (120v) or 10.0 (240v)

GS3-500 Standard Equipment:
> UL, ULC and CE/TUV compliance available.
> 8 ft. 2-ply ribbed rubber hose.
> 3”, 4” or 6” inlet diameter hose with clamps.
> Digital graphic controls.
> (4) Industrial grade wheels – two locking.
> Installation guide / Operations manual.

GS3-500 Standard Filter Set:
> 9” - Pre-Filter:
   • Large capacity box style
• 99% efficient @ 1.0 micron
• Deep-pleated dimpled media

> 4” – High Odor / Gas Carbon Filters: (Qty needed = 3)
   • Large capacity filters with 90 lbs. of activated carbon
• Provides broad spectrum gas/odor control
• Dustless construction suitable for all environments
• Bonded carbon technology maximizes one pass efficiency

iMAGE OF Fumex GS1-100 Applications
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