Replacement Filter FA100-2 | Fits Model FA1-E


Application:  Filters Ultrafine Particles (UFP) from 3D printers, laser printers, laser cutters; Laser markers & engravers
Filter Type:  HEPA filter
Efficiency:  99.97% efficient at 0.3 µm
A Specialty Filter that fits the FA1-E Model Fumex Air Cleaner(s).

The 12” x 12” x 2” Fumex FA100-2 mini filter incorporates high performance HEPA media composed of borosilicate microfibers with an acrylic resin binder. This glass microfiber media is tested and certified at the manufacturer as meeting HEPA media standards with a DOP maximum smoke penetration of 99.97% efficient at 0.3 µm @ 10.5 ft/minute. The media is tested at the manufacturer to industry standards ASTM method F778-82 for permeability and the ASTM method D-2986 for DOP smoke penetration. The 3D printer filter element incorporates edge seal technology which is a continuous bead of hot melt that helps to prevent air bypass. A quick recovery, super-resilient polyurethane foam gasket is applied onto a thick moisture resistant beverage board frame. Each filter is labeled to identify the air flow pattern and a handle is attached for ease in removal. For questions or more information about indoor air purifier and fume extractor replacement filters and parts please contact us.  See our Filter Change video below.

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