Replacement Filter FA140B-2 | Fits Model FA2 (PVC)


Application  – Particulate
Filter Type  – Pre-Filter
Efficiency  – 99% efficient at 0.1 µm
A Standard Filter that fits FA2 (PVC) Model Fumex Air Cleaner(s).

The Fumex FA140B-2 Replacement Filter incorporates high performance framed cellulose media.

  • The filters will be housed in white .024” beverage board frames that consisting of 50 pleats. The pleats will have both inner and outer pleat lock.
  • The filter media element incorporates edge seal technology which is a continuous bead of hot melt that helps to prevent air bypass.
  • A quick recovery, super-resilient polyurethane foam gasket is applied onto a thick moisture resistant beverage board frame.
  • Each filter is labeled to identify the air flow pattern and a handle is attached for ease in removal.

For questions or more information about replacement filters, air filtration, and fume extraction systems please contact us.

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