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Desktop 3D Printers: Potential Danger?

We are constantly staying on top of the latest news and topics related to air quality and pollutants. That’s why a recent study performed by the Built Environment Research Group at the Illinois Institute of Technology caught our attention. According to the study, popular commercial desktop 3D printers cause substantial amounts of potentially-harmful emissions. These …

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Understanding Source-Capture Fume Extraction

High quality fume extraction is extremely important for workplace health and safety. Many who use—or are considering using—fume extraction systems have come across the term source-capture fume extraction. But what exactly is it, and how does it work? Source-capture fume extraction involves fume extractors that capture fumes and particulates at the source—as the name implies. …

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Why Choose Fumex?

Known throughout the world for delivering the highest quality indoor air filtration systems, Fumex develops solutions that provide healthier, cleaner working environments. Our applications are numerous, as is the wide range of customers we serve. We’ve always been known for our commitment to our customers by understanding their needs, and now, with this blog, we …

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