Fumex Model FA2-PVC Air Filtration System Series

The Fumex FA2-PVC laser fume extractor is specifically designed to capture and treat the potentially hazardous fumes generated in application where PVC is marked or cut with a laser or thermoformed or heated. Epoxy Coating – The system utilizes a high build epoxy novolac coating on all internal cabinet components. The material provides superior corrosion resistance to HCL and other acid gases. Prior to application the cabinets are prepped with a sandblasting to SSSP10 and all seams are caulked. Two (2) coats of the epoxy are applied to a DFT of 4 mils. HCL Sensor – The extractor features continuous gas detector for the detection of a Hydrogen Chloride breakthrough. The HCL gas sensor is a complete self-contained gas monitor consisting of an integral 115VAC power supply and factory pre-set solid-state relay alarm for activating panel-warning lamp. The system features microprocessor electronics that set the gas curves for HCl detection.

> Cabinet: 304 grade Brushed stainless steel to IP56 compliance
> Epoxy coating (2) coats all internal parts
> Sound Level: 60 dbA
> Weight: 101 lbs. / 46 kg.

Blower Motor:
>Performance: 266 cfm @ 39” wc
> Variable speed blower
> Centrifugal - direct-drive, brushless motor
> Rated 20,000 hour + mtbf

> 90/250/1/50-60 (120v or 240v plug).
> Digital display with variable speed blower.
> Pre-wired 3 wire power cable, 9 ft. with plug.
> Digital Controls
‏     • Electronic variable speed blower control.
‏     • Electronic individual filter monitoring with display
> Calibrated electronic VOC gas sensor.
> Electronic digital interface relay for two-way
communication, filter monitoring and
remote start/stop control.
> Amp draw to 12.0 (120v) or 8.0 (240v)

FA2-PVC Standard Equipment:
> UL, ULC and CE/TUV compliance available
> 8 ft. 2-ply ribbed rubber hose
> 2”, 3” or 4” inlet diameter hose with clamps
> Digital graphic controls
> (4) Industrial grade wheels – two locking
> Installation guide / Operations manual

FA2-PVC Standard Filter Set:
> 10” - Pre-Filter:
   • Large capacity box style
   • 99% efficient @ 1.0 micron
   • Deep-pleated dimpled media
> 6” - HEPA Filter:
   • 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 micron
• Large capacity mini-pleat construction
> 6” - AcideX Cell (for PVC applications) Odor Filter:
  • Large capacity
• Provides broad spectrum gas/odor control

  • Bonded carbon technology maximizes one pass efficiency

FA2-PVC Applications

Fumex Model FA2-PVC Replacement Filters

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